About MLG 

We're on your team 

We have a great deal of experience of working in and with schools, particularly academies. When a school has been working with the local authority for many years, dealing with auditors and other finance and legal professionals can be challenging. We sit on your side of the table in meetings, supporting you and fielding questions from the auditors on your behalf. 

We offer a cost-effective solution for your school 

Our goal is to help schools, and we know that budgets are tight, so we’re always upfront about our fees. We have a solid accountancy background, but we don’t charge corporate-style fees. The clock isn’t running every time you invite us to a meeting or pick up the phone to ask us a question. This enables us to build positive, professional relationships within schools. 

The school day comes first 

We know that you have a school to run, so we can arrange meetings at a time to suit you. We will attend evening governors’ meetings when required, and we’re available by phone around the clock to deal with urgent queries. 
If you have any questions about MLG Education Services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01926 679252. Alternatively, you can reach us via the form on our Contact Us page

We provide tailored support 

You’re free to choose which services we deliver for you, based on your requirements. In the schools we currently work with we cover a range of roles from consultant finance director, right through to providing a bookkeeping service. 

Hand-holding is our speciality 

Everyone at MLG has worked in schools themselves, and we know that teaching and learning must come first. The head teachers and management teams we work with are highly skilled at what they do, but understandably finances aren’t always at the very top of the agenda. 
Whether we’re helping your school to convert to academy status, helping to put your books in order post-conversion, or pulling together a rescue plan, we will walk you through every step of the process and do our utmost to explain everything in clear language. 
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